Our Business

“At TDE we believe in Wowing our clients, providing quality service to our customers and opportunity for our team.”

About Us

Opening the doors in 2004 in Philadelphia, PA with one client, four employees, and some very big goals, TDE is now one of the nation’s fastest growing outsourced sales firms. We envisioned taking our brand and our business model and growing it to become the premier choice for large companies to outsource their new customer acquisitions as well as customer retention.

We have come a long way to realizing that goal. Today we proudly represent seven Fortune 500 clients in 20 markets here in the U.S.  We power their goals into reality with our team of 25 offices, over 300 team members, and a system that focuses on the quality care for each and every customer we do business with.

TDE’s approach to solving our clients’ solutions is unique to each client. We start by setting up a pilot program to best determine how to attain the clients’ targets. Once successful, we develop a team of professionals through our proven hiring and training methods. When our team is in place, our campaign managers serve in directing the team and providing frequent communication and coordination with the client.

Today, TDE has successfully developed Fortune 500 campaigns that target small and medium size business customers, consumer business, and retail campaigns. We have had success developing these campaigns in several different industries including, but not limited to telecom, technology, office supplies, water, energy, merchant processing, and wireless services.

Why choose us?

Our goal here at TDE is to WOW our clients. This begins at the beginning of our relationship with a new potential partner.

We want to prove up front what we can do to increase their market share and enhance their brand with a no risk pilot program. We let our results speak for us by exceeding all targets.

Once we have a successful pilot and the client sees a real sample of what kind of results we can generate, then we will roll out our program.

We Value our People and Invest in Their Growth:

TDE knows that it takes a great team to enhance a company’s brand and grow their market share.  We believe that our people are our best resource for attaining a company’s goals.  We take great pride in our internal training programs that ensure our clients will get the best results at every level.

Long Term Partnerships:

We know the value of a trusted partnership.  We are excited about our growing client list and new clients are always great.  We are most proud of our track record of long term success.  We continue to work hard to find ways to create business for our current clients year in and year out.  We are happy to say that we still work with our very first client and have grown with them every year.

Speed to Market:

Today’s world moves fast.  And your competitors do too.  TDE  can move quickly to take advantage of opportunities that might otherwise be missed.  Our team of professionals understands that being able to pivot and change direction is necessary to capitalize.  Want to be one step ahead?  Let us make you look good and show you how.


Unlike other channels that rely on indirect models, TDE produces results.  Not only can our clients track attainment results and customer satisfaction, but we offer accurate forecasting as well.  You tell us what you’re looking for and we go out and get it.