Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?

– Steve Jobs

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“As an intern, I learned new skills that translated, not only to my professional life, but extended to my personal life as well. A truly eye opening experience that had real work applications. I’ve developed my leadership and interpersonal characteristics”

TDE Intern

“I went to a top 10 business school for a 4 year degree. I’ve learned more about business in 4 months of working at TDE than I did in 4 years of school”

TDE Employee

Working at TDE has definitely been something that has truly improved my life both in and outside of work. I’ve learned a multitude of things that my past corporate job never taught me, ranging from self management and planning on down to how business really works and financial responsibility. Not only that, but it also has enabled me to work at a place where I am recognized and promoted based off of my hard work, and get to do it in a fun, professional environment with like minded people. I feel very appreciative that I’ve found such a place, as well as such a great opportunity to change my life, and others, for the better.

TDE Employee

“I started working at TDE, not only because of the tremendous opportunity, but also because of the people and the amount of energy they bring every single day”

TDE Employee

TDE laid the groundwork for my career. I learned a transferable skill set that I’m still using today.

TDE Client Broker

Growth and opportunity are the two things I look for in a company, which is exactly what drew me to TDE. I have the opportunity to travel around the country and develop myself as well as others. I have noticed growth in myself already from the training I received in the short time I have been with the company. Every day is a new learning adventure

TDE Employee

I enjoy the culture of our work environment the most. Particularly the supportive atmosphere that allows everyone to feel comfortable with failing so long as we are able to learn from our mistakes- rather than be criticized and scrutinized when we don’t achieve all of our goals.

TDE Intern

I love working at TDE because the people are some of the best people you’ll meet. Also because I’ve experienced more personal growth at this company than I have anywhere else.

TDE Employee

I spent four months as a sales rep and three and half years as a Recruiter for TDE. I was truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with such great people. Eric particularly was such a great mentor- always encouraging self development.

I enjoyed my time with TDE and the tools I learned there helped me to be successful in my current career. If my husband had not had to relocate out of state I would still be there.

TDE Previous Employee