by tdebaltimore

They don’t really hear the words coming out of your mouth.

A lot of the times we are so focused on what we are trying to say or how the words we choose will sound that we forget to pay attention to what we are saying with the rest of our body.  Seventy percent of what is communicated during a conversation is non-verbal. Who knew?  More than half of what we tell someone doesn’t come from our words.  Knowing that fact, we should probably put a little more emphasis on what our body language is saying.

TDE has several tips to communicate just how awesome you are:

Pose with Confidence.

Studies have shown that standing in a power position (you know what that looks like!) for less than two minutes can make you feel more confident, powerful and less stressed. Give it a shot before your next interview or big meeting!

Eye contact.

They say that “eyes are the windows to the soul”.  Want to look into someone’s soul?  Start with their eyes!  You should strive to maintain eye contact 50-60% of the time.  Here’s a simple technique to improve eye contact: Whenever you greet a business colleague, look into his or her eyes long enough to notice what color they are.

Talk with your hands.

Ever find yourself losing your train of thought or forgetting where you were going with a story?  Talking with your hands has been shown to keep you on track better and help you use more concise language.


Smiles are not only contagious but they make you more likable.  The human brain prefers happy faces, and we can spot a smile at 300 feet.  Smiling not only stimulates your own sense of well being, but it also tells those around you that you are approachable and trustworthy.

Try it for yourself and be sure to notice the body language of others in your next meeting!

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